Monday, January 20, 2014

C gets a quilt.

Or she will, when it is actually finished. C's mommy and I thought I was going to make C's baby bedding. We ended up finding an adorable custom one online that was on sale. If you need or want custom baby bedding Little Charlie May on Etsy has adorable bedding! Her current turn around time is 8-12 weeks, so don't wait too long! *Note, I am not reimbursed by Little Charlie May in anyway whatsoever, I just think her bedding is the cutest thing around.*

Okay enough about the baby bedding.  I know y'all really want to see her quilt in progress, don't you?

This was the inspiration quilt. I had originally planned to used this fabric:

But I decided to save this fabric and make a quilt like the one shown here from Film In The Fridge. I could stay on her blog all day just looking at the eye candy.

 So this is the fabric I ended up going with. And true to form, I can never stick to the is like my mind wanders off and starts painting pictures of what it could look like then I end up doing something different! I'm also a little OCD when it comes to fabrics touching....none of that now!

This was the first layout.  I ended up HATING the there went trial one.

Here was number two! Chunked the green, I'm beginning to play with the idea of adding sashing between the blocks. Oh the possibilities.

Really loving this one here, but then I realize I do a TON of square quilts and while I love them, they aren't too practical for a bed or a crib.

Here was a the quilt character, right?

Ta-Da! The semi-final layout. I just HAD to rearrange and couldn't leave it as is! I have all of the sashing sewn to the right hand side of the blocks. Need to join them up and add the rows of sashing and some borders then off to the quilter it will go.  This one will make FOUR finished quilts this month. I cannot believe I'm getting so much accomplished!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby C

So my best friend from college is pregnant. Finally! They have been waiting for this baby for what seems like forever! She found out that baby is a girl. We will call baby girl C for the purpose of this blog (I'm not usually paranoid about things like this, but one cannot take chances with honorary nieces, can one?)  So I am so excited about making things for C! You really have no idea.  But I guess you will when this probably has too many pictures  blog post is finished! C isn't supposed to arrive until early May, so I still have PLENTY of crafty time left. 
 My favorite present to date. A stuffed elephant! Adorable. The pattern is free from Birch Fabrics! You can find a copy of it here.

I have been making flowers (usually clips) for awhile now. I made several for a craft fair I did back in 2011ish. They didn't sell overly well, and I sold the rest of them at a local craft store or gave them away to friends with babies.  The ones I made had buttons in the middle. I tried a little something different with these and did beads. LOVE THEM. The Christmas-y one has red beads that are hand sewn around the edge of the lace. The pink one had clear glass beads I arranged in a flower formation. Y'all are going to think I'm crazy, but these are just 2 of 6 that baby C will be sporting. Yes, you read that right. I made 6. I had this compulsive need to keep making them. Lets hope she doesn't mind  things on her head.

 I also made several of these for the craft fair. I sold one and gave the rest away as gifts.  C's mommy has one I gave her one Christmas so I decided C must have one to match her room.  Here's hoping the colors work!

The last show and tell for today is this burp cloth.  I haven't used the embroidery function on my machine much, but decided that I would give it a go.  The first one didn't have stabilizer and ended up in the trash with all the pulling that the fabric did. The second turned out much better with a teeny bit of iron on stabilizer where the initial was going.  The back is minkey and it is oh so soft. There are several more in the works to make the mommy-to-be a nice set. She's going to kill me with all of the goodies I keep making. She already has a huge sack of vintage baby clothes I've been collecting for which ever of us got pregnant first! She said that my husband will be surprised whenever baby Meeks comes along and I get all of the things I've given baby C back! *Cough* he has no idea how much I've bought for this precious baby! I love giving gifts and have never been able to keep a surprise for long. Most everyone knows what they are getting from me for Christmas way before the packages are even wrapped. Good thing God loves a cheerful giver! Sorry this post has been over the top with baby things and quite lengthy. Hope you enjoyed taking a gander at the crafts of the day.  If you have any questions on anything, let me know!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Going back to the start...

Hi there.

I going to try my hand at this blogging thing again.  It didn't go so well last time, so you all will have to keep me honest with this one.  I have added pictures of my finished quilts to the menu bar at the top. I hope to be adding a place for all of my other crafty-ness soon.