Finished Quilts

Finished Quilts 2010-2011

The very first quilt I ever made!


This was the second one that I made. I used the same pattern as the first, but chose a black and white colorway.  The backdrop is an old barn on my parents property in Arkansas.

This darling was a couple of firsts for me. The first time I used precuts (not the store bought precuts, but I bought a set of pink 4" squares on eBay!) and the first time I sent a quilt off to be quilted. I am hooked now! I love using precuts! and sending them to a quilter with a long arm is SOOOO much easier!

I can't remember, but I think I bought these squares online also, then I added strips that were leftover from the black and white quilt.  This one was for our quilt ministry at church.

This one was also made for my church's quilt ministry.  My fist experience with stacked coins! Again, so easy and the result is adorable!

This is my first adaptation of a pattern. I modified the patter I used to make my first two quilts (just didn't make it as big!) I also added some adorable ribbon in random spots for a little interest.

Finished Quilts 2012

I sent this little darling off to be quilted after I had hand surgery.  I have to admit that this was the start of my laziness! I didn't know you could pay someone to bind your quilt too! I had found the cute little ruffle and thought it would be perfect to use as binding!

This might be one of my all time favorites! Sherbert Pips is one of the cutest fabric lines to date! I did a bit of a different back on this one and I loved it. Pieced backs make it interesting (Though it does make deciding what part is your favorite a bit more difficult!)

Finished Quilts 2013

My brother waited so patiently for his quilt after my sisters had gotten theirs in consecutive Christmases. I made the pattern up myself, only to take it to the quilter and discover that someone had already made the pattern! I did all that math for nothing! :)

 This little baby has a twin, though somehow it didn't get photographed when it was finished. The twin has a blue border so the twin birthday boys could tell their own apart! I had missed getting their quilts made when they were born, so they got them for their second birthday!

This is my pride and joy! The only quilt I have made for ME! Its a keeper. In addition to being all mine, I put on my big girl panties and entered it in the fair! It won 3rd place in the modern category! Whoop! I couldn't believe it.

Excuse the picture of me in a hat. It wasn't the best hair day for me. This one is for baby #2 for one of my college roomies. Her #1 got the yellow and brown one. She went all girly for baby #2. The picture with the crib is one she took so I could see it in her room!

Finished Quilts 2014

There are several quilts I'm waiting to come back from the quilter. Cannot wait to show you! 

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