Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day!

I failed to take a look at the weather on Saturday. I knew we were supposed to get snow, I just didn't anticipated this sight late Sunday morning. It seems the saying hold true that if you have a wet summer, you'll have a wet winter too!
 The husband made it safely to work this morning, but I'm glad I can hole up in the house until some of this mess goes away. Might be a couple of days though since we are expecting some freezing rain/sleet mix tonight. I'll have to get out Thursday though and run to employee health to grab my TB skin test paperwork since my other job (yes I have two!) needs a copy of it. I work a 12 hour shift on Friday so have to get it done before I teach clinicals on Saturday :) 

Three of my quilts are ready at the quilter, and I'm just itching to get them, but I don't dare get out in all that snow and ice! So here is some eye candy to make this a somewhat interesting blog post.

Found these little babies on Etsy! Yes, they are for baby C. I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist! They match her baby bedding perfectly. (that blue is the color of part of the baby bedding)

In other crafty news, I have made progress on C's quilt! I got waylaid by a head/chest cold so I haven't made much progress, but I have the sashing finished! I added a white and then a scrappy border. I took forever to decide if I wanted another white border the set the scrappy off from the binding. The extra border won out!
This is a haphazard look at the way the bedding and the quilt match without my even trying! It was quite a delightful little surprise! More pictures to come when the quilt top gets finished!

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