Monday, January 20, 2014

C gets a quilt.

Or she will, when it is actually finished. C's mommy and I thought I was going to make C's baby bedding. We ended up finding an adorable custom one online that was on sale. If you need or want custom baby bedding Little Charlie May on Etsy has adorable bedding! Her current turn around time is 8-12 weeks, so don't wait too long! *Note, I am not reimbursed by Little Charlie May in anyway whatsoever, I just think her bedding is the cutest thing around.*

Okay enough about the baby bedding.  I know y'all really want to see her quilt in progress, don't you?

This was the inspiration quilt. I had originally planned to used this fabric:

But I decided to save this fabric and make a quilt like the one shown here from Film In The Fridge. I could stay on her blog all day just looking at the eye candy.

 So this is the fabric I ended up going with. And true to form, I can never stick to the is like my mind wanders off and starts painting pictures of what it could look like then I end up doing something different! I'm also a little OCD when it comes to fabrics touching....none of that now!

This was the first layout.  I ended up HATING the there went trial one.

Here was number two! Chunked the green, I'm beginning to play with the idea of adding sashing between the blocks. Oh the possibilities.

Really loving this one here, but then I realize I do a TON of square quilts and while I love them, they aren't too practical for a bed or a crib.

Here was a the quilt character, right?

Ta-Da! The semi-final layout. I just HAD to rearrange and couldn't leave it as is! I have all of the sashing sewn to the right hand side of the blocks. Need to join them up and add the rows of sashing and some borders then off to the quilter it will go.  This one will make FOUR finished quilts this month. I cannot believe I'm getting so much accomplished!

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